Analysis service in SITU.

Our technical and scientific team analyzes your fermentation processes to achieve a diagnosis on the efficiency of the process and suggestions for better results.

  • PH analysis
  • Temperature analysis
  • Population analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Morphological characterization
  • ° BRIX analysis
  • Alcoholic Wealth Analysis

Development of nutrients specific

ININBIO develops formulas for specific fermentation processes mentioned in our catalog, but sometimes develop very specific formulas in some customers because their processes are special with very specific nutritional requirements.

Studies on Genetic Characterization of Yeast Strains

ININBIO studied genetically yeasts to publicize their genetic footprint and characterization, this allows the manager fermentations prove their authenticity of their process.

Isolation and Selection of Strains

In ININBIO the selection and isolation of strains were performedwith the goal of to find yeast with features of great interest for alcoholic fermentation, destined to the manufacture of beverages spirits production, or to achieve differentiation of yeast strains identifying that have great industrial value already known.

Working Propagation Yeast Strains.

Inside our services is to carry out counseling to make more efficient the propagation and have better techniques of cell reproduction.